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                  Anhui Tiankang medical Technology Co.,LTD.  Welcome!

                  The German Bundestag passed a health reform bill

                  Date:2017-12-13Source:Days kang medical

                  The German Bundestag passed the health care reform bill with a majority vote on February 2nd, setting the stage for the bill to be implemented on time.


                  On the day of the vote, 378 MPS voted in favour, 206 MPS voted against and eight abstained.The ruling coalition and the SPD have 447 seats in the Bundestag, with more than 40 members of the ruling party voting against it, in addition to the absentees.The opposition has sharply criticized the bill.

                  After nearly a year of debate and negotiation, Germany's grand coalition government agreed on the final details of healthcare reform on January 12th.Health care reform, including the introduction of the main points of the health fund, through tax inject more funds for the medical insurance system, private insurance companies must provide similar statutory health insurance company "basic service".  


                  The health care reform bill needs to be approved by the federal senate on February 16.If the federal senate votes to pass the bill, it will be implemented on April 1.

                  Germany is one of the most expensive countries in the world, after the United States and Switzerland, and spends up to 140 billion euros a year, mainly the government.Figures show that Germany had a deficit of 7 billion euros in 2006

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